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Primary Sports Funding 2015/2016

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Olympic sports week June 2016.

We celebrated the Olympics in six teams representing different countries. The children wore matching t-shirts and cap and looked fantastic.The weather however was not too good to us but this did not stop us from taking part in a variety of events.

Our week started with an opening ceremony where our KS2 dance club performed a fabulous routine which they had previously prepared for the Wally Cain dance festival. After four days of competition we held our closing ceremony when our KS1 dance club performed their brilliant routine.

Finally we presented our winner medals:

Gold – Blue team –

Silver – Red team –

Bronze – Purple team –

We achieved the Bronze schools games award for 2014 – 2015.


Our football team have been working hard this year and with the support of a qualified coach we were able to take part in league matches and came second. Well done boys fantastic team work.


September 2015
InitiativeCostExpected OutcomeImpact
Spending so far.
Competition programmeSport partnership.
CPD for staff.
Increased opportunities for participation in inter school competition.
Access to competitions.
Support for Young Leader training.
Change for Life CPD.
Increased understanding of winning and losing. Knowledge of the role of fair play and sportsmanship. Opportunities to develop new skills.
Opportunity to take part in competition.
Opportunities for leadership roles.
Children who do not have the opportunity to access other life style opportunities.
Continue to invest in Real PE.
Staff to attend training on Gym and Dance.
£600Higher quality PE lessons linked to new curriculum and physical literacy.
Fundamental skills are taught throughout the PE curriculum.
Children enjoy PE, fundamental skills are developing and the thread is developing throughout all PE.
Assessment and repair of gymnastic equipment.All equipment safe to use.Higher quality PE lesson taught.
Children develop increased skills and confidence.
Additional equipment to support new scheme and replace damaged/tatty equipment£600All equipment is safe to use and the quality has an impact on the lesson.Children enjoy participating in PE lessons and respect the equipment.
Pay identified coach to support staff in coaching football team initially.
Develop this support children and staff in other competitions.
£25 per hour.
£1000 estimate
Staff will build on their skills by team teaching with specialised coach.
Children are prepared for competition.
Children to receive higher quality PE lessons.
Children are confident when entering competitions.
We offer children the best quality coaching in order for them to participate on level ground.
Olympic games:
Team t-shirts
Team baseball caps
Award stickers.
£800 approx.Week of sports events linked to the Olympic games with children in mixed year group teams working towards a goal.All children participate in a variety of activities on a level pegging.
Team spirit is developed, supporting and encouraging each other.
Children have the opportunity to participate in sporting activities that are active and fun.

Two staff attended 3 days training for the new Real PE scheme that we have now adopted.
All staff were trained during an INSET day in the summer term.
Our intention is to continue to develop staff skills in the coming year in order to enable staff to teach high quality PE lessons and we will take up gymnastic training through the real PE programme.

September 2014.

InitiativeCostExpected OutcomeImpact
Spending so far...
Competition ProgrammeSports Partnership: £3000CPD for staff.
Increased participation in inter school competitions.
increased understanding of winning ans losing. Knowledge of the role of fair play and sportsmanship. Opportunities to develop new skills. Opportunity to take part in competition.

Competitions entered:
Tag Rugby
Our of hours provision.
KS2 children to complete a qusetionnaire about activities they would like.

Greater participation and commitment.
Dodgeball coach to provide KS2lub Autumn Term.
Fencing club Spring term.
Football coaches Autumn term.
KS1 Dance coach Summer term.
Introduction to a new sport and club links.
Preparation fro competition.

Questionnaire completed.
Dodgeball coach.
Fencing introduced.
Dance for KS2 and KS1.
New PE scheme and training for 2 staff.
Whole staff INSET delivered by Real PE.
£2645Higher quality PE lessons linked to new curriculum and physical literacy.
Staff are confident to deliver new PE scheme.
Childre gain new skills, are confident and enthusiastic.
increased participation and skills.

Two staff attended 3 day training.
Inset day for whole staff.
New scheme being used in Summer term.
PE observed in some year groups for performance management.
staff gainuing confidence.
staff enjoying teaching new skills.
A member of KS2 staff attended Real PE gymnastics.
PE equipment assessed linked to needs of new scheme ready for Se[ptember 2015.
Assesment and repair of gymnastic equipment.All equipment safe to use.higher quality PE lessons taught.
Childre develop increased skills and confidence.
Equiopment assessed and repaired this will continue yearly.

Primary Sports Funding for 2013-14

Total income £8193 – Total spend £7275.07      £917.93 carried over to pay towards new PE scheme.

We have achieved the Sainsbury’s Shool’s Sport Bronze award.

School games bronze logo

After another successful sports week in June we put in an application for the Sports Educate Awards.

In October we were informed that we have been short listed and await the results later in November.

Upper KS2 have completed a questionnaire about the sporting activities they took part in last year and asking them for suggestions as to what clubs they would like this year. So far we have arranged dodge ball which was a firm winner for an after school club.

We have two very enthusiastic football coaches, linked to a local club who come and coach after school. They are also very keen to get involved in helping our school football team and we look forward to working with them and benefiting from their expertise and enthusiasm.

Last year KS2 took part in an increased number of inter school competitions: tennis, hockey, cricket, tag rugby and football through our sports partnership.

We held intra school competitions including curling, running, archery, speed stacking, dodge ball and athletics. Our sporting year ended with our own commonwealth games which took part over a week of events. We held opening and closing ceremonies, with children representing different commonwealth countries in mixed aged teams. Our dance group performed at both ceremonies and there were team pledges. We used some of our sports funding to ensure all our children felt confident to participate buying coloured team  t-shirts. The children became familiar with their team flag and national anthems and team spirit was at times overwhelming.

We were also part of our sports partnership Queens baton race and greeted children from neighbouring school with two children for our school completing the baton race at the local high school. The children read and took a message to the next school.


We also held our own football world cup event with KS1 and KS2 teams.

Sports funding enabled us to introduce the children to different sports: basket ball, archery, body zumba, and tennis. Archery was particularly successful in engaging children who are not keen on traditional sports.

Primary Sports Funding 2013Primary Sports Funding 2013

Physical Education in school provides the children with a minimum of two hours per week. Children have the opportunity to develop their co-ordination and confidence through gymnastics, dance, games and athletics. Currently children in Y2/3  have swimming as part of their curriculum.

The government is providing additional funding for the academic year 2013 to 2014 and 2014 to 2015  to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools.

The funding in ring-fenced therefore schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but will have the freedom to choose how to do this.

In the financial year we have received £5529.00 for Primary school PE and Sport funding. The money will be spent on a variety of initiatives

  • Develop staff expertise in teaching through providing additional training and professional development and cover for classes to enable teachers to do this.
  • Increase participation in inter school competitions through the local sports partnership.
  • Purchase additional PE resources to enable a wider ‘new’ range of sports to be played ( archery)
  • Purchase additional PE equipment in order to deliver high quality PE lessons.
  • Repair of gymnastic equipment so that all aspects of gymnastics came be taught safely.

A large proportion of our funding has been spent in a new partnership agreement. This partnership aims to maximise the impact the funding can have.






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