Welcome to Ruby Class’ page for 2017/2018
September 2017


Welcome to Ruby Class’ page for 2016/2017

April 2017-Here is our Summer Term update:

January 2017-Here is our Spring Term update:

Here is our Spring Term Plan:

October 2016: Here is our Year 4 Spelling List. It would be a great idea to keep practising these words as often as you can!


September 2016: Here’s what’s happening during the Autumn Term:


Here is our Long Term Plan for the Autumn Term:




2 thoughts on “Ruby”

  1. thursday 30th october 2014.
    I also like learning maths because it is my favourite subject along with topic.
    I like doing literacy on a thursday because I like doing read writing.
    at other literacy times I also like it because I like writing.
    I like science because we do loads of activities.
    I like learning about world war 1 and world war 2 because it is intresting.

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