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9 thoughts on “Jazz”

  1. I love it it is all about our topics
    I am in jazz class
    I love being there it is my favourite class so far
    I love learning about space and shadows and planets and sun.
    I love the game pop up pop town it is my favourite game to play in school
    I love learning very much it is my favourite thing to do
    I love play time as well with friends
    there is 8 planets
    the sun is a star

    jazz xxx


  2. How lovely!
    I love that you are enjoying Jazz Class!
    I love that you are learning so much!
    See you tomorrow for more of the same!!!

  3. Our Science experiment:

    The car went down the piece of paper and knocked the ruler, then after that we
    tried 3 more cars. Then we did the Results. The police car came first because the results said that. And when we did that Lillie recorded us on the video recorder. Mark was doing the sand timer on a phone, and charlie helped. We then drew a picture of a book and a ruler, a car and a ramp.

    elisha xxx

  4. I love jazz class. I love history and maths, and I love going to the ict suite,
    and pe, writing and reading and the library, I love learning.

    elisha xxx

  5. I loved being Jazz class it was fun my favourite lesson was maths and literacy.

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