Secondary Admissions

Moving to secondary school in September 2016

Sefton has produced a secondary schools admissions information booklet (link below) to give you all the information about your child’s transfer to a Sefton secondary school in September 2016. We hope you will find it helpful in your child’s move from primary to secondary education. In September 2015, you will receive an individual letter containing a unique Identifier number for you to use for your child when applying for a secondary school place on line. By using the reference number some of your child’s details are automatically inserted in to the application for you for ease of use.  If you have not received a letter with a reference number on you can still apply on line without it.

If you live in Sefton and want to apply for a place at a school in another Local Authority you must still apply to Sefton for that place. If you live outside Sefton and want to apply for a Sefton School you must apply to your own Local Authority for that place.