Legal Bits and Bobs

Hi!   You’ve wandered in to our official section. So now you’re here why not have a look. It’s not as boring as you might think.

Admissions – With effect from September 2013, our intake number was reduced from 40 to 30. This means that there will only be 30 places available for our Reception class each year from now on. So if you want to make sure of getting a place for your child at this fabulous school, make sure you select us as your number one choice on Sefton’s application form. Applications can be completed on-line at

Alternatively, you can find Sefton’s admissions arrangements booklets for primary and secondary schools next to this link on our website, which include a paper application form.

Ofsted – We are very proud of our lovely school, especially the children. For their sake we strive to improve every single day, because we believe they are worth it. Our latest Ofsted report can be found in a link at the side and previous reports can be viewed at

Pupil Premium – The Government believes that the Pupil Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to tackle underlying inequalities relating to children eligible for free school meals, by ensuring that funding reaches the pupils who need it most. In most cases the Pupil Premium is allocated directly to schools. It is for the school to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, since we are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within our responsibility.

As a school we are free to spend the Pupil Premium as we see fit. However we are held accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support pupils from low-income families. Therefore, from September 2012, we are required to publish information online about how we have used the Premium and the impact it has made. So here goes:

2011 – 2012 During that year we had £25,620 in our Pupil Premium pot. This money allowed us to pay for extra teacher and teaching assistant hours throughout the school, enabling us to create smaller teaching and support groups. The impact of this is shown through the very good rate of progress made by most children in the school.

2012 – 2013 Last year we had a slightly bigger purse of £39,020. This allowed us to employ an additional teacher and increase teaching assistant hours across the school, so that this would enable us to create smaller teaching and support groups.The impact of this was shown through the very good rate of progress made by most children in the school.

Impact can be shown in the increase in Average Point Scores for those in receipt of Pupil Premium during 2012/13:

In Year 2:
Reading – up by 8.34
Writing – up by 8.33
Maths  –  up by 8

In Year 6:
Reading – up by 6.8
Writing – up by 5.55
Maths – up by 5.05

2013 – 14 The funding for this year enabled us to have extra teacher time in Key Stage 2, as well as an additional teacher to support in Key Stage 1 every morning and an additional TA working in reception class every morning. In response to the needs of the children, we appointed a full time TA2 to provide EBD support for KS2, including the provision of lunchtime activities.  Some funding was also used for enrichment activities, e.g. paying for a visiting theatre group; funding the coach to take KS2 to play with the Halle Orchestra etc.

Impact Report for Pupil Premium Expenditure 2013- 2014

Last year our school was allocated £66,750. The impact of our targeted expenditure is as follows:

  • There has been a reduction of behaviour incidents in school and at playtimes and the children love the activities and clubs that are available during lunchtimes.

Academic progress in KS2 Year 6

100% made 2 levels or more in reading. APS 5.5

92% made 2 or more levels progress in writing. APS 5.7

75% made 2 levels or more progress in maths. APS 5

  • 12 children in year 6 were in receipt of Pupil Premium. 50% of these children were SEN and 2 went on to specialist educational provision.

Academic progress in KS1 Year 2

  • Reading APS 3.75
  • Writing APS 3.25
  • Maths APS 5
  • 5/8 children are in receipt of Pupil Premium = 12.5% each child
  • Three out of the five children are SEN = 60% SEN

2014 – 2015 This year we have £105,300 in our Pupil Premium pot. This money is being used to fund:-

  • The refurbishment of ICT Suite to continue to enhance study support.
  • To continue funding extra-curricular and enrichment activities.
  • New National Curriculum resources.
  • Staffing (2 x Full Time TA’s in KS1 & KS2)
  • (2 x 0.6 Class Teachers working in KS1 & KS2)
  • Additional TA hours across the school
  • 1 PSA for attendance support, social and emotional support and bereavement support.
  • Whole school playground resources.
  • School Fund