Netherton Moss Staff

All the Staff at Netherton Moss are equally hard working and helpful. If you have any concerns ask any of these people for help.

Head Teacher:Fiona Wood
Assistant Head Teacher:David Hird
Marigold Early Years Unit:
(Nursery & Reception)

Teaching Assistants:
Michelle Jones
Jody Benham (SENCO)

Leanne Ramzon
Pam Clucas
Karen Von Bargen
Carla McGhee
(Intervention Groups)

Teaching Assistants:
Joan Rainford

Sam Gill
(Yr 1)

Teaching Assistants:
Laura Walsh
Jane Christian

Charlotte Leevers
Michelle Cannell
(Yr 2)

Teaching Assistants:
Shilleagh Wrenn

Carol Windsor
(Yr 3)

Teaching Assistants:
Janice Sharp
Fiona Washington

Adele Redmond
(Yrs 4)

Teaching Assistants:
Charlotte Houghton

Mandy Ray
(Yr 5 & 6)

Teaching Assistants:
David Hird
Pauline Glenville

Andrea Roxburgh
Chloe Ray
Parent Support Adviser:Sam Gill

School Business Manager:Jean Rogers
Site Manager:Tommy Armes
Lunchtime Supervisors:Elaine Law
Jean Minshull
Brenda O'Rourke
Adele Redmond
CleanersJessie Banks
Marie Bray
Alison Francis
Patricia Rooney
Sarah Fairclough
School Crossing Patrol:Sarah Fairclough