Jazz Class Assembly

We hope all the parents who came to the first Parent Assembly of the term enjoyed themselves – and especially our parents who came from Jazz Class!

We had a great time organising and thinking through what we needed to do. We really hadn’t realised how much we needed to do. So we split up all the ‘business’ side of assembly between us – and we got to use the mike!

I think almost everyone in Jazz Class said that their favourite part was the play – Jazz English Group put together a short script about Roald Dahl who we’ve been reading in class, and the rest of us had a go at acting in it! That was fun! We had Matilda, James (you know, from the Giant Peach) the BFG, The Twits and lots of scary GIANTS!

Here are a few photos!

Dramatic Deaths from the Giants!
Mr and Mrs Twit looking a bit worried!
The boys leading assembly – dong a great job!

img_1801 img_1794 img_1790 img_1827 img_1851 img_1840

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