Queen’s 90th Birthday Party Fun

On Wednesday, 20th April, Netherton Moss celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday with a whole school party out in the KS1 playground.

Making sandwichesIn the morning, everyone made a sandwich which they’d designed earlier in the week, ready for a mini picnic at the party. They were all packed in special boxes and we were all rather excited to eat our “sandwiches fit for a queen!”

Patriotic PackagesBoxes sealed and deliveredBefore we could eat anything, however, we had to get dressed up in our best royal clothes and head for the party, where we sang God Save The Queen, played a few games like Pass the Parcel and Musical Statues and had a bit of a dance. The weather was glorious and everyone had a great time! We even had our own royal visitors!

The Queen & Co

I have to say, there were some mighty strange combinations in someone’s sandwiches! Have you ever heard of a meatballs, lettuce and peanut butter butty? I’m just saying – strange combinations!!

Strange butties

Our Royal guests cutting the royal birthday cake; everyone was offered a piece and it was lovely

cutting the royal cake a slice of birthday cake

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