Our Day Out – In Liverpool

KS2 had a fabulous day out today in Liverpool. The weather was gorgeous (spring really has arrived) and we were singing the song we’d learnt for the afternoon concert on the bus, going into town.Entrance to the Anglican Cathedral

First stop, the Anglican Cathedral and, as you could have expected, there were lots of “Wow”s and children walking into each other as they spent the first few minutes staring up at the huge space and towering arches. Anglican Cathedral Liverpool

After we’d dropped off bags and coats some of us had a tour around and others sat in wonderment and sketched things that interested them. We were taken to the Lady Chapel (the first part of the Cathedral to be built), and found out about some of the notable women who have made big contributions to Liverpool.Lady Chapel

In the centre of the cathedral is a plaque with the architect’s name on, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and above it, hidden away in the central tower, is the would’s largest bell, Big George. Even if Miss Langfeld reached as high as she possibly could, she couldn’t reach the top of the bell!Sir Giles Gilbert Scott

Looking for the bell

Of course, we walked up to the high alter, which is stunning with it’s gold decoration; welcomed Bishop Jonathan to the cathedral and later found out where the Bishop, the Dean and his archdeacons hold their meetings (in the Chapter House).The Bishop in his Chapter House!

After a very pleasant lunch, we were drive to the Philharmonic Hall, where we enjoyed a fantastic concert introduced by Alisdair Malloy in his Scottish kilt! Keeping Traditions was the theme, and I’m hoping we will continue to keep the tradition of going to see the RLPO each year in the future, as it was so lovely.The RLPO

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