Olympian Hannah Whelan Visits NMoss

The Olympian, Hannah Whelan spent the afternoon inspiring children at our school to push themselves to the limit through a rigorous training circuit. Everybody took part and tried their very best. It was exhausting! One child said their body was ‘really pumped’ after that session and they felt great.

There were four exercises we worked at; star jumps, leg presses, spotty dog jumps and press ups. Keeping them going for a minute each really pushed everyone’s stamina.

Hannah Whelan
Hannah Whelan chatting with some of our children

Hannah was moving around and chatting to everyone, keeping us all motivated. After each class had taken part in the training session we all came back for a whole school assembly with her where she told us all about her life as a top class gymnast.

She explained about how important it was for her to look after her body, types of food she ate, how often she trained, the types of sacrifices she made but also the amazing people she met and the glory of winning top awards and competitions.

Hannah would train for five hours a day – along side all the school work she had to do. To keep this kind of level of intensive training going she had a lot of support around her from family, school, trainers and coaches. And it all paid off when she took part in the 2012 London Olympics where the Women’s British team came 5th over all – a phenomenal achievement.

Hannah spends her time now coaching and touring around schools hoping to inspire other young athletes to work hard and follow their dreams to be the best they can. She certainly inspired us by demonstrating some of her skills in our hall.

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