Liverpool Chess Tournament

Monday 29th June and twenty intrepid chess players from years 4 and 5, set off for St Georges Hall in Liverpool, for the first ever Liverpool Chess Tournament, which involved over 400 children from 20 Schools across the region. It was very imposing as we were playing in the main hall. We decided it was very posh!


Most schools fielded two teams and each had to play five matches. So you can imagine, they had to spend a good part of the day, silent and concentrating.

Everyone played really well and came away with winning matches under their belt. If fact, at lunch time, our year 4 and 5 A teams were both in third place! However, maintaining that high a level of concentration was very hard and the amount of wins dipped in the afternoon. Nevertheless, I have to say, I was so very impressed with their stamina and determination to do well. And best of all, everyone came away with their own Chess Set. How’s That for a Check Mate!

Well Done, the Netherton Moss Chess Team!







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