Goodbye Gorilla

GorillaIn the Spring Term, our school was involved in a ‘Safari Project’ set up by Rowan Park. There were four animals and schools who entered the best designs could compete for either a Lion, Giraffe, Elephant or Gorilla and, of cause, we won the Gorilla. Schools that took part were from the Horizon Network – you may have heard us talk about this local group of schools before. We are part of the Horizon Network and the teachers and pupils often get together to help each other and engage in interesting projects like this Safari Project.

The whole school has been involved in creating designs and mucking in painting parts of our model gorilla and he is now finished. He looks fabulous! We’re saying goodbye to him, because he’s got to go and be varnished and finally take his place in the Rowan Adventure Park, along with the three other animals which other schools have decorated. There will be a ‘Setting-them-in-the-Park’ party and Ms Jones will be taking a small group of children along with her to enjoy the celebrations. But whenever we take a visit to that park, we will be able to see our Gorilla and his friends. I wonder what the others look like?



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