Myst Exile – Art

In Jazz Class we’ve been playing the game Myst Exile 3 and we’ve enjoyed it so much that we decided to do some art work. We have arrived at a world called Jnanin which is a deserted, rocky island. It has strange, huge tusks that you try to get in to. We won’t give up! There are lots of puzzles and problems for us to solve! Take a look at some of our drawings. Maisie's Jnanin We used pencil and wax crayons. We used the wax crayons for the rocks and then we went out side to add rubbings, from the floor, to our rocky effects! Anthony's Jnanin Scarlett's Jnanin Laura's Jnanin Filip's Jnanin   LukeM's Janin Chris's Jnanin Hannah's Jnanin Liam's Jnanin Robert M's Jnanin LukeT's Jnanin Jonathan's Jnanin Alex's Jnanin Jayson's Jnanin Elliot's Jnanin

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  1. Christopher has left some lovely comments about these pictures. If you want to see them click on the picture.

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