Tim Rylands @ TED

Tim Rylands is an educator and enthusiastic proponent of keeping learning in class as exciting as possible. In this 18 minute film, he illustrates how we can use technology to embellish, inspire, stimulate children in all areas of the curriculum.

When you have eighteen minutes… (and, as we always aim to be diligence itself about timing, our session came in at 17 minutes 59 seconds) …it is what you don’t mention that forms a bigger list that what you can refer to. Our session was entitled “Out of this World ~ inspiring learners in a technical age”.

TEDx Thess whiteIt can sometimes be considered that technology is when children go to a computer and type. As an alternative, we looked at a few ways that tech can bring life, learning, and lessons, alive.

Some elements mentioned included Runkeeper, Taggalaxy, Panoramas.dk360 cities, 360 panos of Thessaloniki, Google Streetview, Google TreksPhotosynthStreetview stereographicNature sound mapGo Mix ItAmbient mixer, Myst 3 Exile, ThinglinkNice TranslatorIvonaSpicynodesTagxedoSnappy words, and the power of blogging.

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