Parent’s Course with iPads


We have completed our first course introducing parents to how we use iPads in our school. The chief aim of this five week course was to help parents see how we use APPs to help children’s learning and how you parents could use the same APPs at home and carry on the good work!

The course was supported by Comenius Regio, a body that supports and funds projects between different countries and this project was set up between local schools in our area – the Horizon network – and schools in Radam, Poland. We both wanted to explore how to help parents help their children learn through the use of ICT. For more information on the project click here for this earlier post.

Each session was spent with parents initially, exploring how the app in question worked; then we brought in the children and had some fun sharing and playing with it. For example, SockPuppets sockpuppetsis an app that encourages story making. You choose your puppet, setting and props, move the puppets round and record your voice as the puppet character and make a short film! It is a fun, easy way to make up ystory-maker-hdour own story or retell a story you have just read. We played with this and another, similar app called StoryMaker.

Another favourite app is BeeBots, where the children learn to make programming decisions to move a small robot around. They use simple instructions such as forwards, backwards turn right or left. But don’t be deceived these instructions can become very complicated!

Beebot beebot2

Here is a list of all the apps and skills we used for you to try at home too.

SockPuppet & StoryMaker HD: Manipulating objects on screen, selecting, arranging, sequencing, story telling, recording.

BeeBots: sequencing, predicting distances, spacial awareness, orientation (turning), thinking through a sequence and correcting errors (debugging).

Photospeak: taking photographs and transforming them into speaking videos through recording yourself talking.

ComicStrip: Taking photos, writing captions, thinking about what character might say and writing it up in speech bubbles – very effective, great fun!


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