Time Key Travellers – Get your Tickets!

Yes! This years Christmas Production is called the Time Key Travellers and is based around the whole school’s Geography/History topic on our home town, Liverpool!

It’s starting to get very exciting, as we’ve managed to invite Dr Who to join us in this production! Unfortunately, with the Dr comes a number of rather nasty adversaries – but we won’t reveal who they are – you’ll have to come along and see the play to find out. In fact, we had to adapt our play, as the BBC’s Day of the Doctor conflicted with ours!!

Tickets are available – two to a family,

  • Thursday evening, 7.pm 12th December, and
  • Friday morning, 9.30am 13th December.

If not all allocated tickets are taken, you may be able to apply form more nearer the performance date. So ask at the office.

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