Big Dance – We did It!!!

Big Dance - Guinness World Records
Click here for the Big Dance site and scroll down to watch the dance!

Upper Juniors have been learning all the moves, twists and turns for the Big Dance that celebrates the Olympics. Big Dance wanted to involve as many children and young people as possible so that it could enter the Guinness World Records. This motivated the rest of us to become involved! We set Scarlet Class the task of teaching other classes throughout the school the dance.

It was about six minutes long – which quite some task, but fortunately the video they were learning from was split into 5 manageable chunks. The Upper Juniors led each of the sessions with first Jazz class then Poppy, Bluebell and Marigold.

It was an amazing sight, as at precisely 1 o’clock on Friday, 18th May, the whole school was moving as one. They were stunning!! I had goose-pimples on my neck watching them!!

Mr Hird arranged for us to be videoed and had to engage two outside agencies to verify what we were doing and then email the Guinness Book of Records. We’ve also had to send off a video as proof.

Let’s hope enough people across the country got involved. So look out for the Big Dance entry in next year’s Guinness Book of Records!!