The Great Wonka Rescue!

Our End of term Christmas Production went down a bomb! As usual this play was written by volunteers from the Upper Juniors over a number of weeks. They devised the plot and organised it so that all year groups could add something to the performance from the stories they had been reading.
As you might have guessed the school has been studying Roald Dahl in our whole school author study.
The Early Year Unit read and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which meant that Willy Wonka just had to be in our play, not to mention his Oompaloompas!
Poppy class read The Magic Finger (It’s a kind of Magic!),  Jazz class – The Twits – who added to our band of baddies. Phoenix read Georges Marvelous Medicine and his Grandma hijacked production of this powerful stuff for her evil schemes and Scarlet class read Danny the Champion of the World. By the time of our story Mr Hazell had become Lord Hazell and our arch baddy using Grandmas medicine to shrink all the goodies. Exciting stuff.

Can the goodies from these books stop this evil band?

Parents and family who came to watch were very complementary and made fantastic audiences who cheered everyone on!
Well Done Drama Club and all the classes for all their hard work and enthusiasm.