Leon – I Made it!

After two eruptions of volcanic ash I eventually met up with Laura,(the lady in purple, below) our Spanish partner, and arrived in Leon on Saturday 22nd May. Laura

What an amazing place! They are celebrating 1100 years of history. It is a beautiful historic town – the kings and queens of Spain used to live there.  I was staying in the Main Square – the Plaza Mayor – in the middle of the old town, just round the corner from the Cathedral. I have so many pictures! I have selected just a few for you here.

Leon CathedralLeon Streets Laura was a fantastic host. She and other teachers showed me around Leon and we visited all the interesting historic monuments. I haven’t walked so much in a long time.

From Monday to Thursday I was in our partner school, Los Adiles, where I watched and taught some lessons. The children loved the video of our school that Film Club had made and there were lots of questions about our school.

Laura's OfficeLaura was very busy! As well as being a teacher, she is also the school’s secretary. This is her in her office.

While I was there, Los Adiles celebrated a Cultural Week which meant lots of different activities. They made a special lunch, painted with sand, made beautiful old books, and one afternoon played traditional and modern games out in the glorious sunshine. Another time, there was a visiting actor who performed a story completely in English! I wonder if we could understand someone performing in Spanish! What do you think?

PixieSand Painting

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