Sports Week – Amazing!!

Speed StackingSpeed StackingWell, for the whole of 28th June till 2nd July we had the most amazing, action packed, tireless, edge of the seat, nail biting, and plain good fun Sports Week! Organised by Mrs Aughton, our children were sorted in to their country’s teams, made our t-shirts and elected our flag bearers for the opening ceremony where there was lots of singing, listening to National Anthems and Dances to start off our week.

RacesMore RacesVoluteers read out their sports pledge and it was lovely to see so many children thinking of others and doing their best during the week.

Activities we’ve been up to?….

Well, let’s see… I recall swimming, canoeing, races, rock climbing, rounders, races, dodge ball, speed stacking, speed mark (that’s kicking a football as fast as you can) – oh and did I mention races. I think we raced everywhere.

Competition!Determination!At the end of the week all the winning points were totalled and in third place was Germany, second was France and our Gold Medalists where Argentina. Congratulations to all:)