Rights of the Child

Year 6 children went to the South Sefton Sixth Form Center to take part in the ‘Rights of the Child’ Performance which followed on from an earlier conference. All the schools that took part performed something linked to the theme of rights of children. We sang ‘In Our Hands’ a favourite song of ours.

Here is the article Lauren wrote for Moss News…
Year 6 went on a day out to the Your Choice Conference. It was a great day out and it taught us not to play on railway lines and it’s our choice what we do whether it a good thing or bad. We played a game called Web Master were we had to complete each level without the Web Master entering the room. We also made our own raps and performed a drama performance in 3
different groups. One group performed about playing with fireworks another group performed about destroying bus stops and annoying bus drivers and the last group performed about making prank calls to emergency services. Later we played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and our school won out of all the school so we got a giant fake cheque. We went on two buses and stroked a police dog and went on a fire/police van. We were shown a picture of a prank call in Anfield were a gang threw bricks at a fire engine. There was an award for the best behaved child in each school and Louise Robinson won ours. Lauren Roxburgh Year 6